Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Clean 9 Detox

Second post already! Must like this blogging thing after all!

This one is about our detox programme. 

Clean 9

This is a nine day detox and is all doctor approved, so no crash dieting. This can be used to clean out your system and just get yourself feeling and looking healthier, but it can also help to loose up to a stone in 9 days!

so First of all lets go through what comes in the box:

· 3 bottles of aloe vera gel
· 1 tin of Vanilla Lite Ultra
· Garcinia plus supplement
· Bee pollen supplement
· A shaker/bottle
· A tape measure
· A guide of how to do it
· Progress booklet

Lets break that down and look at why those products are in there:

Aloe Vera Gel

* Cleanses the digestive system
* Improves absorption of nutrients
* Helps metabolic disorders
* Fabulous health tonic

Bee pollen

* Multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement
* Complete amino acid profile
* Its naturally high in zinc which is an anti-oxidant
* Energy booster
* Aids digestion
* Helps if tired or hungry
* Contains Lesothin which is key for weight loss.

We recommend taking only ¼ of a tablet for the first time to desensitise your body in case of an allergic reaction

Forever Lite ultra shake

* Taken twice a day with skimmed milk will give you 100% of the UK’s recommended daily allowance of vitamins & minerals
* Meal replacement
* Contains 18 amino acids including 8 essential which the body cannot produce - these are metabolised straight into lean muscle tissue
* 2 servings provide good daily intake of soluble and insoluble fibre needed to regulate the release of nutrients into the blood stream and to help maintain bulk and good intestinal regularity.
* Fructose is used as a natural fruit sugar to assist in normalising blood sugar levels.
· It decreases that hungry feeling by lowering hunger levels.

If you are looking to gain weight then using this shake as a meal addition instead of a replacement can help!

Garcinia Plus

* Works on existing fats by inhibiting the enzymes which convert calories into fats
* Makes us feel full quicker
* Contains Chromium which builds muscle, balances our blood sugar levels and lowers the production of cholesterol and fatty acids
* Contains healthy fats which burn the bad fats
* Boost metabolic rate

The potential weight loss is 7-14lbs. My colleague Debbie lost 2 stone (28lbs) in 5 weeks and did the plan twice completely and then went on to do the 30 day Nutrilean program too. 
Another client finished her 9 days a few weeks ago and lost an amazing 14 inches from all over her body and 12 pounds in weight!! This for a person that spent £8000 2 years ago on a gastric band that failed to work, so it truly is amazing! After helping over 40 people in the last 8 months (as well as herself !) in total they have lost an amazing 34 stone......

Many clients have had a 100% success rate in reaching the goal that they desired and more!

Remember muscle weighs more than fat so you will get inch loss first – especially as the chromium starts to work.

So how does it work?: -

Days 1 and 2 
You take our natural nutritional supplements, which are vital to your body, combined with taking aloe vera gel and a lovely vanilla or chocolate shake and drink lots of water. 

Days 3-9
You incorporate a 600 calorie meal ( which is quite a lot actually) at either lunch or dinner time. In addition to the supplements and shakes leaves you feeling very satisfied with no cravings etc !

Due to the high levels of nutrition your body is getting, it doesn't go into starvation mode, which means when you start eating 3 meals a day again, you body doesn't claw out of it all that it can, including the bad fats, which is why people yo-yo diet !!!

Two essential elements for doing well on the Clean 9 are that you must drink LOTS of water – at least 2 litres a day - and if possible do some gentle exercise such as walking. However we have had many people loose significant amounts of weight on the program who, due to physical injury, have not been able to exercise at all. 

The Clean 9 offers a truly fantastic way to kick start your weight loss journey.

Many people love the way the Clean 9 detox makes them feel that they often come back as repeat customers.

What’s the cost?

The total cost of the Clean 9 detox program is £116 plus p+p- 

When you break it down over a 9 day period it is really very good value for money.
All you actually need to spend money on is 7 evening meals and a few pints of skimmed milk ( for the shakes). If you take off what you would spend on breakfast, lunches, snacks, tea and coffee the actual cost is around £40 !!!

In comparison to lighter life products and/or weight-watchers for example, which are a lot more expensive, can have lower nutritional benefits and often much less effective, this proves to be the best detox/weight loss system around!

There is enough of the products in the pack to do the program over a 14 day period if you wanted to.

Remember from when you choose to start, I will be in regular daily contact to see how you're getting on, and also to provide you with encouragement and support and answer any questions you may have as they arise. 

When I did mine earlier this year I lost 8lbs and 3inches. I was advised by my doctor to eat slightly more than the plan says, due to the medication I am on. So basically I did days 3-9 for the whole programme. not only did the weight loss make me feel great but I just felt healthier and more awake! The price also includes my full support and although days 1-2 can be tough, and you will more than likely get a headache as your detoxing, I will be there to help you get through it.

All of the products in the box are sold separately too. We also have a 30 day plan called the nutralean and some other individual products to help with weight management but I will talk more about them in other blogs.

Hope you've enjoyed it, and let me know if you'd like any more info. 

Robyn xxx


  1. How much does it cost and where can you buy it from?

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    2. Hi Scott., thanks for your reply to my blog. I'm currently having a special offer in the weight management products, including the detox, for people to spring clean their bodies. Where are you based? If you'd like to send me an email ill let you know about the offers I have at the min and then f you'd like to order I can sort out how to get the products to you. My email is robynandrews13@msn.com
      Thanks again for the interest

  2. Hi where can I buy this from Please and also how much is it as there are different prices everywhere on the net?

  3. Hi thanks for your comment if you'd like to email me on robynandrews13@msn.com with where abouts you live I can let you know about the special offer I have at the moment and how you can order. Thanks Robyn

  4. hey is there still a special offer on this product?
    can you please send me details at habiba.85@hotmail.co.uk

  5. Hi. Is there still a special offer price? Ive been reading up on this program and ive come across many different price's, also people on social networking (facebook) are selling them. Id rather buy from a genuine place as I dont want to be sold horse food or something :/. Would you send me an email plz mandysuger@hotmail.co.uk. thanks

  6. Hi hw much is the product and where can i grt it frm

  7. Hello are you based in the uk? If you can email me on robynandrews13@msn.com I'll let you know the current prices and how you can order. Thanks x

  8. Are there any special offers as I'm interested

    1. have you gotten your clean 9 yet, if not call 07730433086 for purchase plus free consultation on how to achieve great result

  9. Hi my names Helena n I live in germany.u cant buy the detox here as a set.ive managed to get everything but I dont have the book . could you please help me with the meals....ive no idea what I need to eat? Thanx

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